Watch Ron Burgundy Interview Peyton Manning on SportsCenter

Comedy News
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Ron Burgundy’s tour de everything continued last night on SportsCenter when he sat down for a hard-hitting interview with Broncos quarterback and MVP candidate Peyton Manning. The 7-minute conversation between the two legends of media and sport covered everything from whether or not they had a functioning audio connection, to Burgundy’s love the Broncos mascot Thunder, to, most importantly, how Manning has been able to put together a Hall of Fame career while not sporting a mustache.

It wasn’t Burgundy’s first time talking with a high profile athlete. He apparently was scheduled to interview quarterback Phil McConkey after the 1978 Holiday Bowl (“a battle”), but ended up stuck with the backup kicker. The iconic news anchor also impressed with his knowledge of football history, giving his personal list of the best QBs of all-time, naming guys like Jeff Hostetler, Colt McCoy and Burt Reynolds.

Watch the full interview below:

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