Whisky Advent Calendar: Tiny Doors of Happiness

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Whisky Advent Calendar: Tiny Doors of Happiness

You know those cute Advent Calendars that count down the days until Christmas? Each day you open a tiny little door to find an even tinier piece of chocolate. Kids love them because, well, there’s chocolate, and it gives them something to look forward to each day as they work their way towards Christmas. But why should kids have all the fun?

Last year, Drinks by the Dram, which specializes in distributing sample size bottles (fun size!) of the world’s finest whisky, created the Whisky Advent Calendar. Same concept as your kid’s Advent Calendar, only there are tiny bottles of whisky behind each door.

Brilliant. This year, they’re back with the Whisky Advent Calendar, but they’re also offering a Premium Whisky calendar (only $409), a tequila calendar, gin, cognac…

We’re already a few days into the Christmas season, which means if you decide to order one of these, you’ll have to open several tiny doors all at once. Bummer.