Attention Cyclists: This Pair of Gloves Has Turn Signals Built Into Them

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One of the biggest dangers for cyclists is not being spotted while out on the road. In 2011, 677 U.S. cyclists died, while 48,000 were injured in collisions with motor vehicles. Much of the time, such accidents could be avoided by increased visibility and awareness of the cyclist’s presence. While lights and reflective equipment are nothing new for the road cyclist, the ability to clearly demonstrate when they want to make a turn is.

Zach Vorhies, previously a software engineer for Google, has co-founded Zackees, a firm that has created the Zackees Turn Signal Gloves—a type of clothing that enables you to signal exactly which direction you’re planning on taking, without the need to take your hands off the handlebars.

Using a processor sewn into the top of each glove, the technology makes it as simple as touching together small metal plates on the thumb and index finger, with the gloves lighting up according to the weather and light conditions around you. It’s a clever idea, and potentially one that will save lives.

They’ve been raising funds with a Kickstarter campaign and although it ended just today, it’s not too late to check out what these novelty items are all about. Those worried about getting their gloves dirty will be pleased to hear that the batteries are removable, allowing for the clothing to be washed as often as needed. The Turn Signal Gloves are sure to be hard wearing.

The Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded with almost twice as much as they needed, but you can still order a pair over at their website.

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