A Robot Bartender For Your Home

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A Robot Bartender For Your Home

Ever daydream of a fresh cocktail waiting for you at home as you fight late afternoon traffic? You can now make that a reality without hiring a butler or committing to a relationship.

Monsieur is a robotic bartender that uses artificial intelligence to make your favorite cocktail. He’s connected to your Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth and Zigbee, so he knows when you’re coming home and has a drink waiting for you. Monsieur is so clever that if you’re working late, he’ll text you with kind words about your long day and recommend a double. If he notices another person joining your Wi-Fi network, he’ll offer to make them a drink as well. Creeped out yet? Wait until Monsieur automatically makes you a drink when you’re favorite sports team takes the lead.

Home units start at around $1,500. And Monsieur won’t ever tell you about his day.