Bill Hader is Amazing at Impersonating Minor Star Wars Characters Dying

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Bill Hader is Amazing at Impersonating Minor <i>Star Wars</i> Characters Dying

Sure, any nerf herder can ape Yoda’s broken syntax or pant his way through a half-decent Darth Vader, but it takes a true Jedi Master to nail the most challenging Star Wars impression of all: dying tauntaun. Former Saturday Night Live cast member Bill Hader proved himself to be just such a force wielder on last night’s Conan, performing an ad hoc, bleat-filled audition for J.J. Abrams’ new Star Wars films.

Of course, “guttural death cries of a slime-filled alien” isn’t exactly the most distinguished role in the galaxy, so Hader demonstrated his impressive dramatic range by also nailing an imitation of a dying Jabba the Hutt. Both impressions showcased an incredible level of nuance and grace, pretty much guaranteeing Hader’s inclusion as some kind of swamp beast or snow monster in the upcoming films.