Couple Makes Best Baby Announcement Ever With Mock Horror Movie Trailer

Comedy News
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How would you announce that you are your significant other have a baby on the way? Let me guess…Calling your parents? Taking friends out to dinner? An email? Lame. Lame. Really lame. You’ll have to get more creative than that if you want to best how one couple recently broke the news that they’re expecting—by filming a mock trailer for a horror movie called “Bun in the Oven.” Never before has a cold, store-bought hamburger bun seemed so terrifying.

Filmed and edited with surprisingly high production value, the video touches on several hallmarks of the horror movie trailer, from the haunted-looking house, to creepy music and sound effects, to a little paranormal activity in the way of a stove that turns on involuntarily.

Check it out below. “Bun in the Oven” premieres this June.

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