Jim James, Scott Aukerman, Lil Bub Cover "The Super Bowl Shuffle"

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Jim James, Scott Aukerman, Lil Bub Cover "The Super Bowl Shuffle"

They didn’t come to start no trouble. They came to do the “Super Bowl Shuffle.”

The year was 1985 and the Chicago Bears were primed to win the ultimate prize in football, the Lombardi Trophy. With a roster that included Walter “Sweetness” Payton, Jim McMahon, Mike Singletary, William “The Refrigerator” Perry and a coach with a mustache so magnificent it could stand toe-to-toe with a Swanson lip sweater, “Iron” Mike Ditka, the ‘85 Bears were destined to go down in history. And they would. But they would be remembered among the general public for something far greater than their Super Bowl Win.

It was called the “Super Bowl Shuffle,” and it was more magnificent than either a Swanson or Ditka ‘stache. So good, it was nominated for a Grammy, only to be robbed when the award went to some guy named Prince. Nonetheless, the “Shuffle” would go down as the greatest football-song-for-charity ever produced, an award not even a little man in a purple suit could take away. It would never be topped. It could never be topped. No one should even try because it’s a lost cause.

Until now. Sean Cannon, host of After Dark on Louisville’s WFPK has gathered a host of talent to re-record the famed Shuffle including Jim James (My Morning Jacket), comedian Scott Aukerman and Internet cat sensation Lil Bub. Sure, the Bears had Sweetness, but these guys have a cat.

Once again, the song is being used for charitable purposes. All the proceeds go to Reading is Fundamental, which works to inspire children to read and help spread literacy throughout America. You can listen to and purchase the song on Misfire Records’ bandcamp page, where you’ll also find a nice explanation from Cannon about how the project came together, as well as a list of its many contributors.