Hipsters Love Beer

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Sometimes, you see a comedy skit that hits too close to home. For many of you out there (myself included) that skit is “Hipsters Love Beer,” from the sketch group Nacho Punch. All of the hipster and beer loving stereotypes are accounted for in the short clip that shows a variety of hipsters ordering really esoteric beers.

My personal favorites: The dude with a handlebar mustache that passes on the eschews; the Arrogant Bastard for a “Dickhead Neighbor Who Doesn’t Respect Property Lines…” and the Harry Porter served in a Goblet of Fire. Oh, and the beer “brewed by slutty nuns up in the Appalachians.”

Take a look and see if you see yourself in here. I guess I’m the dude in the Batman costume, or the bleeding chick who likes her beer’s “glassy finish.”

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