How To Pronounce Scotch Labels, With Brian Cox

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When a seriously legit and legendary Scottish actor by the name of Brian Cox sits in a leather chair sporting a pocket square, sips his native whiskey and dramatically educates you on how to pronounce over 40 of his homeland’s brands, you should shut up and pay close attention. You also get quick tasting notes on the Scotch’s too. For instance, Lagavulin is Cox’s favorite Scotch, and Laphroaig tastes like seaweed, peat, and tarred rope. And no matter how many times I hear Brian Cox say it, I’ll never be able to pronounce Bruichladdich. This needs to be reworked as an app that you can whip out before waltzing up to the bar. Or one of those relaxing sound machines that sits bedside to send you off into a world of golden dreams…” like a depth charge. Pow.”

Listen to Mr. Cox talk about his favorite Scotch below, and see all 40 pronunciations at Esquire.

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