Is Climbax The Fuelband of Climbing?

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Is Climbax The Fuelband of Climbing?

Not everyone wants to wear a smartwatch yet, but wearable biometric devices seem to be everywhere you look these days. In addition to general fitness and wellness devices such as the Fuelband or the Fitbit, a wide assortment of wristbands have come out that are made for a specific type of sport or physical activity.

Climbax looks to be the wearable performance optimization device solution for climbers. Climbax uses two wristbands to track your climbing performance data, which will then inspire you to improve your technique based on the data—at least, that’s the idea. Climbax uses a complex set of algorithms to detect specific climbing movement from normal actions—detection that Climbax calls “bulletproof”.

The non-descript wristbands don’t give you any data themselves—that’s all left to Climbax’s comprehensive website and accompanying app. Once your data is uploaded, it’ll generate a report for you that scientifically details your performance and tells you how close you are to pushing yourself over the limit. Again, think FitBit or Fuelband for the specific activity of climbing.

Climbax is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, where they are a bit behind in reaching their financial goal. With around 24 hours left to go, you can still head over to their campaign page and get in on some of the backer goodies. Climbax seems like it fills a great piece of technology for this niche, but growing hobby.

Luke Larsen is the tech editor at Paste Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter at @lalarsen11.