Yuengling Brews Up Ice Cream for First Time in 28 Years

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Yuengling Brews Up Ice Cream for First Time in 28 Years

No, there’s not a beer-flavor, and it’s not made with beer. But, there’s a Black & Tan flavor that’s made with Belgian chocolate and salty caramel.

Yuengling, the Pennsylvania-based brewery, will get back to churning out their 10 traditional flavors—vanilla, chocolate and chocolate chip—after a 28-year hiatus.

The ice cream launch is a return to the brewery’s deep roots. The brewery was founded in 1829, and Frank Yuengling went into the dairy business in the ‘20s to support the family brewery after Prohibition went into effect. Yuengling Dairy Products made ice cream for 65 years.

In 2013, David Yuengling, Frank’s son, left his 30-year computer industry career to bring back his family’s ice cream business.

This 18th Amendment ice cream is all natural and made with milk and cream from local cows. It’ll be available in stores in mid-February. Because they know how badly we want to taste it, Yuengling Ice Cream’s website has a personalized customer request form for fans who can’t find it at their local grocery. Just print the form and hand it to your grocery’s manager.