Pocket Drone: See The World From Above

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Pocket Drone: See The World From Above

Impressed by Amazon’s planned use of drones to facilitate faster delivery and wish you had one of your own?

A recent Kickstarter project just might have you covered.

It’s called the Pocket Drone and it promises to be the world’s first multicopter that’s powerful enough to carry a high quality camera, but is also able to fold up smaller than a 7 inch tablet. It’s even light to carry, thanks to its carbon fiber components keeping its weight at around 1 pound.

The brainchild of San Diego based firm, AirDroids, the Pocket Drone will enable its owners to take stunning video and photo footage from the sky, further enhancing the potential of personal photography. It’s a device that will be easy to fly being controlled from any Android tablet or phone with a USB port. It also promises to be light to carry, easily folded back together when not in use, and offers up to 20 minutes of flight before needing to be recharged. It even offers an integrated onboard autopilot that works via Google Maps as well as a “Follow Me” mode and a return to home option.

The Pocket Drone is bound to be very exciting for gadget fans and photographers alike with so many great features.

While the Early Bird price package for one of these drones is sold out, it’s still possible to buy a Pocket Drone along with various relevant accessories, including an all important action camera for $595 with lower priced packages for those who don’t require the camera or transmitter.

The project has until March 9 to reach its goal, with it currently only around $30,000 off hitting its target. For those after a high end gadget to play around with this summer, the Pocket Drone is shaping up to be a great way of seeing life from up in the air.