Redd Is The Best Way To Use Reddit And It Will Destroy Your Productivity

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Redd Is The Best Way To Use Reddit And It Will Destroy Your Productivity

Anyone that’s visited Reddit knows that it’s an endless rat hole of amusement and personal discovery. But finding out the latest trending memes on a smartphone has always been a pain as Reddit does not have a mobile version or an official app for easy perusing.

Luckily, the Reddit community is out there to fill in the gaps—and now two programmers by the names of Moeed Mohammad and Craig Merchant have taken it upon themselves to develop Redd. It’s an iOS 7 styled app that makes reading through Reddit a breeze on the phone and just might be the best way to view Reddit, period.

Colored in a plain white background with some black text and red accents, Redd has a minimalistic and clean interface. Although the app does not even ask users to sign in at first, they’ll want to by tapping on the ellipsis on the upper right. This is also where you can add new stories.


After a quick login, Redd automatically loads the hottest posts into a news feed and just like Facebook and the Twitter app pulling down will refresh the page again. Similarly tapping on any Reddit story will expand the item into a larger pane complete with comments and a related items tab.

The nice, extra touch Redd adds is it lets you pull up to get a fuller image and then the interface pushes comments over the picture when scrolling down. Alternatively, if it’s a vertical image or something that just doesn’t display fully on screen, users can also tap on the image to get a full screen picture that they can share over other social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Adding your own original comment is oddly placed at the very bottom of a story, which requires more scrolling than we’d like. Replying, however, is much easier to access by simply taping one and entering text through the appropriate field. Similar to the built-in gesture controls used in TweetBot 3, we could also access buttons to vote on comments by swiping left over them.

Going back to the main Reddit page view, Redd includes a few other quick shortcuts along the hot bar to access the newest, rising, controversial, and top stories the web is talking about. Alternatively, tapping on the upper left list will pull up a docket of searchable Subreddits for every curiosity in existence.

Redd is a great, easy way to browse through the latest musings on the Internet that looks 100-times better than seeing the webpage on your mobile web browser. With a delightful iOS 7styled interface and some light gesture controls, Redd is one of the best social media apps we’ve ever used—just don’t blame us if you end up spending seven plus hours pouring over Reddit stories on your phone now.

Redd is an iOS app available for $0.99 in the App Store.

Kevin Lee is a freelance writer who types all day and listens to his ever-expanding music library. Follow Kevin Lee on Twitter at @baggingspam.