This Kitty-Sensing Toy Will Change Your Cat's Life Forever

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This Kitty-Sensing Toy Will Change Your Cat's Life Forever

Not all gadgets looking for Kickstarter backers are for humans. Furry friends deserve some technologically advanced fun, too! One such invention is Egg, an intelligent companion for cats which is bound to revolutionize a playful cat’s life.

Unlike so many cat toys that are fun for five minutes but nothing more than that, Egg is smart enough to respond to your cat’s reactions, while mimicking the movements and sounds of a small animal. It can move back and forth, shake, make cute noises, and even sense obstacles up ahead. Plus, it’s got the sense to try to escape from the cat’s attentions, thereby putting up quite the playful fight. Think of it as like a very enthusiastic robotic mouse.

Recharged through your USB phone charging cord, there’s no need to worry about keeping stocked up with batteries, plus it’s possible to adjust Egg’s operating modes on your PC or Mac.

Egg’s creator, Jason O’Mara, is confident that the device is hard wearing enough to survive the average cat’s bites, scratches and even any crushing movements. It should also be durable enough to last through a trip down a flight of stairs, too. Do be aware that Egg isn’t designed for use by dogs, given their frequently superior strength.

The Kickstarter campaign has just under two weeks to run, with its goal having already been reached. Those interested in buying their furry friend an Egg can pay $31 for a final production version with $125 buying an early prototype, available in March, as well as the chance to suggest tweaks for the final production design.