Watch a Rapping Alex Trebek Discover His Inner Biggie on Jeopardy!

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Watch a Rapping Alex Trebek Discover His Inner Biggie on <i>Jeopardy!</i>

Former Degrassi cast members named Aubrey) excluded, Canadians aren’t exactly known for their skills on the mic, but that didn’t stop certified Jeopardy! O.G. Alex Trebek from breaking out the rhyme book and laying down some lyrical sickness last night. Solidifying his reputation as the greatest M.C. in the game show-hosting game, the septuagenarian rhyme-slayer tore his way through the category “It’s A Rap,” spitting characteristically precise readings of lines from hip-hop luminaries like Dr. Dre and Chuck D.

And while there’s a certain perverse pleasure in seeing a guy who looks like your dad’s high school principal say things like “another plane, another train, another bottle in the brain,” this isn’t the first time Trebek has showed off his hip-hop chops. On a Teen Tournament episode early last year, the white-haired wordsmith used Eminem’s own lyrics to challenge his title as the world’s greatest white rapper. Still, this is definitely the strangest thing you’ll see the longtime Jeopardy! host saying today. Well, second strangest.

Check it out below: