Watch Conan's Supercut of Patton Oswalt Getting Mercilessly Beaten

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While some actors are known for their impressive dramatic range, other performers are famous for embodying a single distinct archetype. For comedian Patton Oswalt, this archetype is apparently “guy who gets the crap knocked out of him.” This aptitude for abuse was showcased on last night’s episode of Conan with a montage featuring every time Oswalt really gets it on screen, which is…a lot.

From bit parts like Constable Bob Sweeney on Justified to his starring role in Big Fan, Oswalt’s characters aren’t so much anguished as literally tortured, making the stand-up Hollywood’s premier punching bag. Of course, it could always be worse, as Sean Bean knows all to well.

Check out the clip below and get a free master class in pained grimacing:

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