Watch Funny or Die Try (and Fail) to Turn Downton Abbey's Lady Mary into a Gritty Chicago Cop

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Watch Funny or Die Try (and Fail) to Turn <i>Downton Abbey</i>'s Lady Mary into a Gritty Chicago Cop

Downton Abbey, TV’s last bastion of primness and etiquette, returned last night with a Season 4 premiere that brought PBS its highest ratings since…well, probably the last season of Downton Abbey.

This morning, Funny or Die teased Tough Justice, a new gritty cop drama featuring the grittiest of gritty cops, Michael Chiklis, starring alongside Michelle Dockery as Connie Tough. Dockery, of course, is known for her portrayal of Downton’s Lady Mary Crawley, and as evinced by the trailer, the extreme transition from a wearing a corset to busting scum on the streets of the Chicago might have been a little too much for the British actress to handle. Yes, you’re right, Lady Mary…err, Connie…I don’t think Father Robert would approve of collecting semen samples.

Check out the trailer below. Hopefully TNT will make this happen.