Wondernode Maps Our Favorite Fictional Places

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Wondernode Maps Our Favorite Fictional Places

We all knew that The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed in New Zealand, but who knew that Tatooine was actually filmed in Tataouine, Tunisia? Or that the town of Bedrock was located somewhere between modern-day Cleveland and Pittsburgh?

Thanks to Will Samari, Ray Yamartino and Rafaan Anvari over at Wondernode, fans of all kinds can locate the supposed and filmed locations of some of their favorite fictional places. The guys report to have used IMDB, Wikipedia and Wiki fan pages in order to deduce and plot the whereabouts of a multitude of made-up metropolises, including Superman’s.

Some of course are open to debate, such as whether the Disney Aladdin’s Agrabah was indeed located in Jordan or Israel (or Palestine) as opposed to, say, Saudi Arabia (or even China). The map is nonetheless quite impressive as well as aesthetically pleasing.