Waterworks: The Smartest Home Water Heater Ever

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Waterworks: The Smartest Home Water Heater Ever

Water heaters are an immensely useful part of modern day life, providing us with the often underappreciated service of delivering hot water when and where we need it. They haven’t really caught up with the 21st century though, often requiring you to wait around for the heating elements to heat up before actually heating up the water. How many times have you wasted and suffered through too much cold water in the morning when you’re in a rush to get out the door? ISI Technology aims to stop all that with its latest smart home automation invention: the Heatworks Model 1.

It’s a tankless electric water heater that’s set to produce instant, endless hot water, while also providing up to 40% energy savings and 10% water savings. There’s no need to regularly replace heating elements either, as the Heatworks Model 1 doesn’t work in this way, saving on annual maintenance costs. Instead, it uses “direct electric resistance” technology, which uses water’s natural resistance to heat itself, offering a long lifespan and high efficiency. The perfect water temperature is finally within your grasp.

Via an additional plug in, it’s even WiFi compatible, offering remote measuring and control of temperatures and power levels.

Only 12.5 inches long and 6 inches in diameter, it’s small enough to fit in remote locations as well as highly efficient. The Heatworks Model 1 is set to revolutionize many people’s homes as well as boats, cabins, and other places where hot water is vital. It’s currently available as part of a Kickstarter campaign, and while it is now fully funded with another three weeks to run, there’s still time yet to purchase a Heatworks Model 1 for $300, a $95 reduction on the planned retail price.

For people with larger needs, such as those wanting to run two showers at once, $600 will buy them two units. Keen to avoid cold showers? Give this new water heater some careful consideration.