A Tramp Stamp For Your Beer Can

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A Tramp Stamp For Your Beer Can

You know how when you’re at a party and everybody’s drinking Dale’s Pale Ale and you set your beer down on the table to take your turn in the fiercely competitive game of lawn darts, and then you go back to the table to pick up your beer and there are like seven cans of Dale’s sitting there and you have no idea which one is yours and you’re scared to just grab one and take a sip because there are some unsavory characters at the party, like “cold sore” unsavory…I’m sure you’ve been there. You can either play Beer Can Roulette, or you can go back to the cooler for a fresh beer. Either way, you lose a little something out of the deal.

Fret not, people, now there’s a tramp stamp for your beer can, so you can tell it apart from a sea of other similar cans. The Can Stamp creates a custom indentation on the side of the can, printing words like, MINE or FUEL. So you’ll never have to play Beer Can Roulette and risk getting a communicable disease again. Problem solved.

canstamp interior.jpg