Canadian Beer Fridge In Sochi

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Canadian Beer Fridge In Sochi

What’s more awesome than a refrigerator full of beer? Nothing at all, except maybe a refrigerator full of beer that only opens for you and your countrymen.

A photographer for CBS found this gem at the Canada House in Sochi’s Olympic Village. It’s a beer fridge that opens when you scan a Canadian passport. That’s right—Canucks get free beer in Sochi. If this is what free health care looks like in Canada, sign me up.

Two things I’m curious about: 1) Is the fridge stocked with Molson? Cause that would be a mean trick. 2) Does the fridge also open automatically if you’re sporting a mullet and a Canadian Tuxedo (denim pants/denim jacket), because that’s just as good as carrying a Canadian passport.

Step it up, other countries in the Olympics. Step it up.