Conan O'Brien Goes Full Zombie for The Walking Dead Special Cold Open

Comedy Video Conan O'Brien
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Conan recently had its flesh-eating-est night ever with a The Walking Dead extravaganza that featured the show’s entire cast. Unfortunately for the survivors, it wasn’t quite the zombie-free zone they were led to believe.

In a polished cold open that could reasonably pass for a deleted scene from the AMC drama, the late-night host went full-on ghoul, sporting rotting grey skin and an impressively corpse-like (albeit smart phone-assisted) zombie shuffle. Without revealing too much, I can say the segment was classic Conan, and even had a great inside joke for Walking Dead fans.

But that was far from the last undead gag of the night. Later in the show, Conan finally united America’s two favorite subjects in television’s first zombie lesbian kiss. This, folks, is what progress looks like.