Key & Peele's Liam Neeson-Obsessed Valets Finally Meet Their Hero

Comedy Features Liam Neeson
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Key & Peele's Liam Neeson-Obsessed Valets Finally Meet Their Hero

What about Liam Neeson, though? The classically trained actor’s unlikely turn from period piece staple to ass-kicking action hero has to be one of the best career transformations of the last 10 years, giving us a brogue-speaking Steven Seagal who could probably recite Shakespeare or some shit before karate chopping you in the neck. Of course, nobody knows this better than comedy team Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, whose show features a recurring sketch about two parking attendants losing their minds just talking about Oskar “I Will Find You” Schindler.

This week, the excitable valets’ wildest, most martial arts-filled dreams came true. In a brilliant piece of cross-promotion for Key & Peele and Neeson’s upcoming thriller Non-Stop, the comedy duo go into hysterics giving the movie an IMDb-style plot summary before Mr. “Neesons” himself shows up. What happens next is predictably hilarious and bizarre, giving Neeson’s previous funniest performance ever a serious run for its money.