Play Maverick Bird, Terry Cavanagh's Flappy Bird "Fan Game"

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Play <em>Maverick Bird</em>, Terry Cavanagh's <em>Flappy Bird</em> "Fan Game"

Maybe you’re suffering from Flappy Bird withdrawal. Maybe you’re like me and never got to actually play the smash mobile game before its designer pulled it from digital stores three days ago. Either way there’s now a solid substitute available free in your web browser.

Terry Cavanagh, the designer of VVVVVV, Super Hexagon and many other fine interactive diversions, has whipped up Maverick Bird, a “fan game” of Dong Nguyen’s dearly departed Flappy Bird. Some of the Flappy Bird grumblers noted that it was basically a side-scrolling Super Hexagon, which is also the best way to describe Cavanagh’s tribute. Instead of hexagons constantly spiraling around you, you have to gravity-juggle between jagged outcroppings that shoot down and up from either side of the screen, with color schemes and electronic music similar to Hexagon’s. It’s brutal and addictive and now I know just a little bit why everybody was so hepped up about Flappy Bird.

You can play Maverick Bird for free at Cavanagh’s site.