Sammy Screamer is the Cutest Alarm Sensor You'll Ever See

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Sammy Screamer is the Cutest Alarm Sensor You'll Ever See

While it’s possible to set up security alarms for your household or vehicle, it’s not always so simple to set up such things for smaller items, such as your phone or laptop. That’s despite the fact that such items are often worth a lot of money these days. That’s where a new, cute gadget from the UK aims to change things.

It’s called Sammy Screamer and it’s currently part of a great new Kickstarter campaign that has just under a month to run. Sammy Screamer is a triangular shaped movement sensor. Connected via the specially made BleepBleeps smartphone app, it means that you can hook Sammy up to any item and the moment it’s disturbed, the device screams and you’re informed via a notification on your phone. It’s as simple as that.

Sammy Screamer offers up to 50 meters range thanks to its use of Bluetooth, as well as a variety of different volume levels, accounting for any situations. Given the flexibility of the device, it’s possible to put Sammy on any item or hook him up to a bag or door handle. His sensitivity can be adjusted too, avoiding pesky issues of the alarm going off prematurely.

It’s the kind of gadget that’s ideal for many different scenarios, whether it’s as simple as keeping everyone away from the cookie jar, or being a little suspicious of prying eyes in the home towards your laptop or phone.

Cute yet practical, Sammy Screamer is currently available via its Kickstarter campaign. While the early bird specials have already sold out, it’s still possible to pledge $65 to snag one as soon as they’re released in August. For $150, you can even grab a pack of three as part of a family bundle.

In need of keeping your stuff secure? Sammy Screamer should be just what you need.