SwiftKey Note for iPhone Makes Typing Easier Than Ever

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SwiftKey Note for iPhone Makes Typing Easier Than Ever

Android users have long been able to enjoy the pleasures of the predictive typing godsend that is SwiftKey. As of now, iOS does not support third party keyboards, so users on the platform will have to settle for the next best thing: SwiftKey Note.

Partnering with the cloud syncing of Evernote, SwiftKey has created their own note-taking app on iOS featuring a somewhat watered down version of their famous Android keyboard. On Android, SwiftKey is able to pull information from a variety of proper social platforms to determine ones typing habits and come up with the best possible predictions.

Unfortunately, SwiftKey Note can only pull from your library of Evernotes to discern your habits. As a result, the keyboard did not read my mind as well as its Android sibling, but I still flew through notes far faster than with the standard note-taking app. Even though my experience with Evernote is a bit limited, within a couple days SwiftKey had no problem judging what I wanted to say—and ultimately I found myself using keys to type less and less.


By placing the suggestions and formatting bar just above the typing space as they do on Android, SwiftKey encourages the user to take advantage of its predictive prowess more than Apple does with the standard keyboard. The iOS version of the keyboard also does not support Swype-esque gesture typing, but you won’t miss it on the iPhone’s smaller screen. The final knock against the app is that you can not actually read notes you’ve stored made with Evernote in SwiftKey Note, but you can do the reverse.

SwiftKey Note offers a far more pleasant typing experience than the default note app and supports cloud-syncing without having to get involved with iCloud. Evernote is available on all platforms, so you’ll have access to your content no matter what logo is on the back of your device. If you find yourself outside of Apple’s ecosystem more than a few times a day, this is the note-keeping app you want to get things done on the move or at a desk.

SwiftKey Note is an iOS app developed by SwiftKey and can be downloaded in the App Store for free.