TEO: A Padlock You Can Unlock With Your Phone

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TEO: A Padlock You Can Unlock With Your Phone

Padlocks are frequently used in many different scenarios. Securing bikes, lockers, sheds, and many other items, they’re an essential tool for those wanting to keep things safe. They haven’t really evolved over the years like other technology, though. That’s where TEO comes into things, being a padlock that locks and unlocks via your smartphone rather than a traditional key.

Currently part of a Kickstarter campaign, TEO is an idea from Canadian firm OckCorp. It’s a simple yet effective concept. Through Bluetooth and a smartphone app, TEO can be unlocked by anyone who has been given permission by the main user. It comes with a whole bunch of benefits.

Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about losing a valuable key as the app does all that hard work for you. It also means that numerous people can use TEO as it’s just a matter of sharing the privileges at the right time, rather than having to cut extra keys for them. For those situations where you realize you need to give access to someone but you can’t meet up with them to swap keys, it’s handy too, simply requiring a couple of taps on your trusty smartphone.

TEO even allows for tracking so you can always keep an eye on where it is and who’s currently allowed to use it. Regardless if you’re hundreds of miles away or in the same room, it’s still all possible.

The TEO Kickstarter campaign has until March 7 to run with it already around halfway to its goal. While some of the lower priced pledges have already gone, there’s still time to pledge $109CAD (around $99USD) to grab a steel-colored TEO along with a special blend of TEO Bean North Coffee Roast. That sounds like a reasonable price for convenience to me.