Test Tells You How Quickly You Could Read The Lord of the Rings

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Test Tells You How Quickly You Could Read <i>The Lord of the Rings</i>

Staples’ mission is to help people say “that was easy.” Who would’ve guessed they’d apply the same philosophy to literature? The office company created a new reading speed test, which not only tells you how fast you can read but also how fast you can read specific books. You can also see how you compare to other readers, the national average and even the speed reading world champion.

The friend you’ve been nagging to join your literary discussion group may be more open to the idea when she discovers she could whiz through Slaughterhouse-Five in just three hours and forty-six minutes. Or you may finally muster up the courage to tackle The Lord of the Rings trilogy once you realize you could knock it out in less than 24 hours without stopping.

The test involves reading a page of text and then answering three questions about it. So take the test. Challenge your friends. Make them weep with your speed reading prowess. See? That was easy.

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