This Remote Can Focus Your Camera From Afar

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This Remote Can Focus Your Camera From Afar

Both amateur and professional photographers have increasingly large arsenals of useful tools to ensure they get the best from their cameras and their keen eye for a great shot. One such source for great gadgets is Kickstarter and its number of great ideas. This can certainly be said for New York based, 24SHOTS, and its Silencer, an electronic Follow Focus System that is sure to add a high quality and professional touch to your photography.

The device allows precise control of your focus while still giving you complete control of the setup. Even better, unlike many other solutions, it doesn’t require help from another person and can allow for “Run and Gun” shooting, all thanks to its trigger based system. This system is reminiscent of a games joystick, meaning even someone with no experience could figure it out and achieve some excellent results.

Offering a control platform that is akin to placing your camera on a pedestal, it’s flexible to set up and use—ultimately proving to be a powerful addition to your kit. Three different versions are available to ensure that there’s a device for everyone regardless of ability level: the Lite, Pro and Pro Zoom. The Lite offers a lower level of pressure sensitivity and maximum motor speed compared to the superior models, but still offers plenty of great features for entry level filmmakers (as well as the all-important ability to shoot on your own).

The Silencer’s Kickstarter campaign has until the end of February to run, so now is the perfect time to consider pledging towards its goal. While the Earliest Bird specials for the Lite have already sold out, you can still pledge $450 and receive a Silencer Lite Follow Focus System, with $850 buying the Pro system and $1,800 snagging a Pro Zoom System, that should be ideal for more professional needs.