Watch Jon Stewart Teach New York Mayor Bill de Blasio How to Eat a Slice of Pizza

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Newly minted New York City mayor Bill de Blasio visited The Daily Show last night, and it became yet another episode of Jon Stewart’s quixotic national pizza crusade, with Stewart forcing the mayor to prove his credentials as a New York eater. In case you forgot, de Blasio committed the blasphemous act of eating a New York slice with a fork and knife in early January.

It gets much more in-depth from there. The whole episode and extended interview delves into everything from stop-and-frisk to animal rights to literally digging out the snow-burdened city. Make sure you watch the run of Bloomberg jokes to end all Bloomberg jokes, capped off with a Big Gulp joke/hidden prop gag/tall people goof that’s already the highlight of the de Blasio mayorship.

Check it out below. The pizza eating—and soda drinking; Bloomberg’s gone, after all—starts around 2:30.