Watch Nick Offerman Sing the Secret to Getting A Film into Sundance on Conan

Comedy Video Nick Offerman
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Faced with challenges like finding adequately mumbly actors and royalty-free ukelele music, it can be tough breaking into the indie movie business, even for the most shaky-handed film student. Luckily for them, Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman revealed his surefire trick to getting selected by the Sundance Film Festival last night on Conan. Quite simply, it comes down to drugs and sex.

In just three short words, Offerman explained the core elements of a successful independent picture. “Pussy and weed,” apparently, are the only things a Sundance movie really needs, a phrase that also happened to be the title and chorus of Offerman’s folksy lesson in filmmaking. Of course, playing an iconic character on one of TV’s most acclaimed comedies doesn’t hurt either, but hey, you might as well start with the basics.