Watch The Lego Movie's Hilarious Animated Blooper Reel

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The Lego Movie stars Chris Pratt and Will Arnett are known for their killer improvisation skills, but compiling their ad-libs poses a unique challenge when your movie was filmed in a toy box. Luckily, the makers of the plastic brick epic solved this problem in the funniest way possible: by filming an entire fake gag reel.

Fortunately, the “outtakes” aren’t just limited to the comedians’ unused one-liners. The clip also includes supposed production errors like falling sets, malfunctioning props and a certain velvet-voiced septuagenarian forgetting his lines.

Of course, The Lego Movie is hardly the first CGI movie to release a spoof blooper reel (beaten to the punch by Pixar and A Bug’s Life over 15 years ago), but where else can you hear Batman complain about back pain?