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(Above: Sheila strikes a pose while Denison Witmer and Sufjan Stevens goof off in the background.)

Please note: All further tour dispatches will be posted at Dear Diary. Enjoy!

In our ongoing effort to give you some interesting bloggity reads, we recently asked Rosie Thomas to send us dispatches from her latest batch of tour dates. She ended up being too busy having fun with her pals, Denison Witmer and Sufjan Stevens (also on the tour), but she managed to get another one of her friends, comedic mastermind, Sheila Saputo, to send us some words and photos. This is her first post.

April 10, 2007 - Cambridge, Mass.

Dear De De,

First show, pretty nervous, but I owned it. I’m a survivor and I felt brave. Just beautiful here! Walked around Harvard campus today and just pretended I was going to school there. Started believing it so much (pretty good actress that I can even fool myself) that I got exhausted thinking about finals and my professors. Walked through the Freedom Trail and screamed “freedom” left and right! I felt like Braveheart. Denny and I made out in Harvard Sq. at about 2am. He had his eyes closed the entire time and kept calling me by another name. Incredible. I felt sooooo loved.

Keep on keeping on,

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