Dust, sweat & Lips: Paste at The Echo Project

Music Features
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Photos by Rachael Maddux

Over the weekend, Paste trucked down to Fairburn, Ga., for the first-ever Echo Project, a new Atlanta-area music festival with an environmentally friendly slant. Between handing out magazines and Frisbees to the masses and collecting content for some upcoming podcasts, we stuffed our faces with falafel plates and gigantic quesadillas, avoided the ever-awkward October sunburn, and inhaled approximately forty five metric tons of red clay dust.

Oh yeah-- we caught a few awesome live performances, too.

Associate Editor Steve and some members of our intern army (not to be confused with the fragile army, who graced the Lunar Stage on Friday afternoon) have reviews in the pipeline, so stay tuned. They will doubtlessly regale you with tales of all the musical happenings of the weekend, and Steve may or may not share the story about how he got lost in the woods and had to bum a ride back to the festival grounds with Perpetual Groove’s manager.

‘Til then, enjoy some photos!

I could have died at the Flaming Lips on Friday and still would have been so happy. I want Wayne Coyne to follow me around in my daily life, shooting me with his confetti gun every time I feel sad. I would probably fake feeling sad just to get shot with the confetti gun. Amazing.

As if there wasn’t enough dirt and dust and, erm, other particles floating around in our lungs, out came the smoke machine. The Santas loved it. Skeleton-suit-and-sunglasses-clad bassist Michael Ivins remained stoic as ever. Amazing!

It was a big balloon full of little balloons! AMAZING! (Is it totally obvious yet that this was my first time seeing the Flaming Lips?)

Four days later, I’m still fishing this stuff out of my purse. AMAZING!

Podcast intern Sara surveys the backstage extension of the festival campgrounds. (We traveled back to our home base in Decatur each night.)

The Avett Brothers, who apparently fancy themselves human solar panels, sweatily perform on Saturday. Their fans were responsible for approximately one half of all dust kicked up during the whole festival.

All signs point to these folks being members of the Marchfourth Marching Band, who had the best costumes (and best seats) at the festival.