The 30 Best Moments from 30 Rock So Far

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Tina Fey  is so hot right now. Her impersonation of Sarah Palin has lured millions of viewers back to Saturday Night Live. NBC, bless them, have been doing all they can to use her performance as the hockey mom from Alaska to entice people to watch 30 Rock. The fact the Emmy-winning comedy has never had huge ratings is a shame, because it is, pound-for-pound, one of the smartest and funniest shows on television. In honor of the premiere of season three on Oct. 30 (right after The Office), we decided to fondly look back at 30 of its most hilarious moments. Think we missed something? Argue it out in the comments.

30. Kenneth's not-so-golden idea

Kenneth's hopes for game show TV dominance are quickly dashed with one crystal-clear epiphany: "'s real heavy, isn't it?"Yes it is, dear Kenneth. Yes it is. (Season 1, "The Head and the Hair")

29. Dead by his hand
Jack unravels the mystery that is Kenneth with a pointed observation he tells Liz: "In five years, we'll all either be working for him, or dead by his hand." If that's a foreshadowing, then 30 Rockis headed for the worst series finale this side of Seinfeld and The Sopranos. (Season 1, "Blind Date") 

28. You're going down, Jack
Jack's gay rival Devon Banks (played by Will Arnett) has long-devised to supplant Jack on the road to becoming CEO of the company, inspiring some witty insults between the two. Case in point: "You're going down, Jack." "No, Devon. I don't do that." Two claps for gay subtext. (Season 1, "Fireworks")

27. Any other woman on Earth
After Liz gives Jack a kind, considerate pep talk to combat his nerves about acting on the show, he gives her the best/worst backhanded compliment ever: "Lemon, if you were any other woman on Earth, I would be turned on right now." (Season 1, "Jack-tor")

26. Bottoms-up day

Jack and Kenneth switch jobs for a day as part of the "Bottoms-Up" program, and Jack in particular seems all too eager about it. "I'm going to be your bottom Kenneth, and I want you to ride me as hard as you can." Two more claps! (Season 1, "The Head and the Hair")

25. Do the worm! Do the worm!

Liz gets upset at Josh after he uses an offer from The Daily Show as leverage in his contract renegotiation. Being the cool, level-headed boss that she is, she makes him do the worm, an act so degrading it must have originated in Nazi Germany. (Season 1, "Hard Ball")

24. Maple syrup
A mysterious epidemic of maple syrup smell overtakes Manhattan. Jack reassures Liz, saying it's not the chemical agent Northrax the U.S. sold to the Saudis in the '80s that smells exactly like maple syrup but kills you in 10 seconds. Meanwhile, Tracy has heavier issues on his mind: "Somebody on my block is making waffles, and it's making me horny." (Season 2, "Somebody to Love").

23. Tuxedo man
Jack is a classy guy. So classy, he waltzes around in tuxes after work. "Why are you wearing a tux?" Liz asks. "Lemon, it's after six. What am I, a farmer?" (Season 1, "Tracy Does Conan")  

22. A joke that tests the mind grapes
When prepping for a speech in honor of the owner of Welch's Grape Juice, Jack tries his darndest to be witty and runs this non-joke by Liz: "Jack Welch has such unparalleled management skills they named Welch's Grape Juice after him because he squeezes the Swedish juice out of his workers' mind grapes." Mind grapes? You know, like thought-sicles. (Season 1, "Tracy Does Conan")

21. Jenna's not-so-secret weapon: her sexuality

When Jenna catches wind of a (fake) rumor that Jack will fire somebody from the show, she plots to use her secret weapon to make sure it's not her. Problem is, her secret weapon is not as effective as she thinks. (Season 1, "Jack-tor")

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