The 13 Best Scary Movies of the Past 13 Years

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let_right_one_main.jpg[Above: Lina Leandersson as Eli in Let the Right One In]

There's no better time than Halloween to get closer to a loved one as promiscuous teenagers get slaughtered by a masked boogeymen or the netherworld wreaks psychological mayhem on our favorite actors and actresses. And while Hitchcock, Price, Carpenter, Craven and Cronenberg are undeniable masters of projecting our collective fears on the wide screen, it's time to honor some modern masters of celluloid terror. Here are our picks for the 13 best scary movies of the past 13 years. What are yours?

The Ring

America's first mainstream remake of a Japanese horror flick is arguably it’s finest. Channeling the suffocating atmosphere of Cronenberg while mixing in the slimy spirits of Asian mythology, Gore Verbinski delivered the chills in this spiritual successor to Rosemary’s Baby. Intriguing until the very last shot, you may be left wondering if you, too, will receive a visit from Samara in the next seven days.

The Orphanage

Juan Antonio Bayona's debut feature is as much a horror film as it is an austere drama and gorgeous timepiece. Filmed in an old manor on the coast of Llanes, Spain, the film's stream of lush shorelines and centuries-old architecture sucks the audience into the scenery along with its desperate cast of sympathetic characters. With tragedy etched into every frame until the tragic end, this emotional carnival ride will make your heart beat as quickly as it melts.

The Descent

When US focus groups urged the editing of the twist ending of Neil Marshall's visceral, claustrophobic nightmare of spelunkers stalked by mutant bats, they practically destroyed a cult masterpiece. Watch The Descent's director’s cut and put the pieces together again for an entirely different, terrifying ride.psychological thrillers since Alfred Hitchcock filmed a cross-dressing hotel manager in 1960.