TV Detail: Will Kath & Kim be any good?

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kath & kim cast.jpgWe've been seeing previews for NBC's Kath & Kim for nearly two months now (ever since the Olympics, remember those?!). But tonight's the night, folks: At 8:30 p.m. Paste time, we will finally know for certain whether this show is a really big piece of crap, or just a regular-sized piece of crap.

Kath and Kim are a mother-and-daughter pair. Kim gets married to some guy, who's sweet but stupid. She's stupid but mean, and doesn't understand basic wedding traditions, so she gets pissed when he rubs cake in her face when they get married and somehow this leads to her dumping him and moving back in with her mother. Her mom has turned her bedroom into a Curves (oh man, I cannot even contain myself) so she has to sleep on a treadmill (I only hope this is true). Her husband keeps coming over to try and win her back and they have silly fights involving glass doors that prove his stupidity and her meanness (and stupidity). The plot thickens when Kath reveals to her daughter that she is dating some man who wears sweatsuits and vaguely resembles Fred Willard, but is not Fred Willard (too bad). This is awkward for obvious reasons: It's not Kim's dad, it means her mom is having sex, but hopefully not on her treadmill-bed, because that would just be too strange. Also, uncomfortable and dangerous. Kim's discomfort with the whole situation, plus her stupidity, puts pressure on her mother, who fights with Mr. Sweatsuits, and runs off to a drag bar to drown her sorrows in fruity drinks. She discovers that one of the drag queens is Kim's pseudo-husband (okay, not really, but I'm kind of losing steam) but then Mr. Sweatsuits arrives to take her home, because she “butt-dialed him with [her] cell phone” (this actually happens).

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