Josh Rouse - 9/17-18/07 - Kansas City and Denver

Music Features Josh Rouse
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9/17/07 - After spending a few hours attempting to load the big blue Prevost bus Sunday night, we realized we’d have to sacrifice a few things. The thing is, we have a shower on the bus and it takes up all our room in the “equipment” area under the bus. Carl, the bus driver from Nashville, drove all night to Kansas City.  We were happy because everything thing seemed to be working as far as the cable and internet access. I can remember when I started touring in ‘98, I didn’t even have a cell phone. We woke up and went swimming at some odd hotel for a few hours and Carl picked us back up around 5pm.

9/18/07 - Denver, one mile high..... and one less side mirror on the bus. I woke up to a slight knock on the bus. I thought it was was just someone closing the door.  We were parked in front of the Bluebird Theater (ex-porn movie house) and some city worker in his truck plowed into us. Carl went to Auto-Zone and managed to rig something that resembled a mirror. Very nice and honest, that Carl.  Out of all the bus drivers we’ve had, he’s got the gold so far!

Some of my family drove three hours from Nebraska to see the show.  I had a radio visit at 2pm, so I dragged my mom and aunt along so they could see what the day to day is like “on the road.” Luckily, the station was new and they were treating me as if I were James Blunt. My mom and aunt loved it.  I pretended like that was a normal radio visit for the sake of being legit.

It was my stepfather, Marc (drummer), and Ryan’s (soundman) birthday today!!  Despite some weird bass feedback over the first four or five songs, I thought the first show went well.  There were about 200 people there which isn’t bad for a Tuesday night.  I was hoping for a bit more but what can you do?  The fans that were there were really excited, dancing, and wearing homemade 1972 t-shirts!!!  My folks, in all their excitement, forgot to eat and got a little Coors light buzz.