Low vs. Diamond tour diary - 206

Music Features Low vs. Diamond
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I'm on my way home.

Back to Seattle tomorrow night! We'll stay at my dad's place, which is always a good time. Vivace cappuccinos...Pagliacci's.....Red Mill... I can't wait.  Last night I re-watched Rudy. It's just so good. The music...the story...God damn it, it's an unbelievable movie! "This is the prettiest thing these eyes have ever seen!" I've been trying to get through the first 20 pages of Tender As The Night. We all listened to the Vice-Presidential debates last night.  It's sort of like that Kevin Kline movie Dave, only I'm not rooting for Dave. Anyway, I told Annie the only thing I can do is vote at this point and keep my fingers crossed. West coast time!!!!