The Uglysuit - 11/21/08 - Hague, Netherlands (Crossing Borders Festival)

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Ah, Holland. Snow?Below 78 degrees?Blizzard?Great times? That’s right, all of the above!

Arriving in this blissful town of cold was an enthralling adventure as we quickly placed our luggage in our rooms and headed out for looksee around the town.Instantly our noses buddied up with a certain numbness that definitely made the experience more than perfect.  Even more perfect……let's just say say this we were visited by the mean green martian who was lovely.

Now come show time, we unloaded our equipment in a moveable 1920s-esque tent building…thing.  Having a for-sure Carnival vibe added to the surreal realization that we were playing in Holland.

Just before we started to play we took a gander upon some people taking seats and it brought a smile to our faces.  After the first song a second gander proved that more people had shown up.Surprised and excited we continued the set, even after hearing the splashing tube sounds that made for a nice background noise.  By the end of the set we were informed that the Quatto Tentwas at capacity and they had to close the door and turn people away. WHAT!? That makes no sense! Ha Ha!!!!! Insane.All I have to say. Crazy.

Afterwards, Crosby and myself set on a quest to find the interview were suppose to be attending.front of the place where the Black Keys were playing. Eyes were widened and nerves did not stop us from doing what we do: creating awkwardness. 

It also helps that the universe plays this game with us, for the first answer given by myself was a series of mouth movement and no sound.My mic was not even close to being on.  Happentopat, it was off.Now also hearing our voices booming over the system in the lobby, Crosby proceeded to give a visual demonstration to a radio audience.All in all, we soon asked to leave for the next person to sit down and off to bed did the dos of oos (us). 

Now after that, Cros and I headed to bed, but apparently at the after party the guys and the Jans got to hang with some good company and get more GREAT food.

Oh! The food that was served to us was in fact so delicious it took my breath to the other side….the other side, whew!  Steak, potatoes, some kind of pasta, oranges and my favorite, strawberries.Ah. So. Good. Ness. Oh man. And woman. Children and aminals universally transmitting.The sound. Of a yummy tummy.

Anyways, I think that concludes this segment of Holland and the events that took place.  Signing off, this is Larry Chin.Have a great night,  day, sleep and wake.

Peace,  love and understanding,