Joshua James Tour Diary - Baltimore, MD - 10/30/09

Music Features Joshua James
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Joshua James Tour Diary - Baltimore, MD - 10/30/09

There isn’t any possible way to properly describe the events that have
taken place.

I want to.

I feel as if I need to.

But I can’t, and therefore won’t.

There are many adventures I can remember.

But even more that I can’t.

I am noodling.

We (Joshua, Evan, Kyle, Kissle, and Joe) have been on this tour since
August 25.

We started on the west coast.

Portland, Seattle, Et Cetera.

Things were new/fresh.

We had so much to feel at the time of leaving.

It’s hard not to go numb.

We have stayed with so many amazingly

Kind, generous, beautiful people.

And we are proud to call them friends.

We have also slept in

Parks, gutters, golf courses, rest areas, and everywhere we shouldn’t.

We do though.

We spent a week in Japan, and have seen so many amazing places across
this U.S. of A.

We are only beginning, and with that we are off.

Two experiences to grow from:

ONE (Wamsutter Wyoming)

On our way across the Midwest we stopped to eat


It was in Wamsutter, Wyoming.

Population: 67

Ben (Wamsutter native) worked at Subway there.

We asked him where five people might be able to sleep

Without any molestation from the police, Et Cetera.

He mentioned that the ONLY park in the town was a couple blocks away.

And was actually the only place in the town that had trees.

We decided that that was where we would lay our heads for the night.

We pulled into the park that (Subway) Ben had mentioned to us

Only to find a row of

12 small pine trees that lined the fence of the local baseball diamond.

It was perfect for us.

No lights,

No people.

Perfect sleep (possible)

Just as we started to pull our sleeping bags out of the van, the rain

It was relentless.

We took cover in the dugout.

The wind began screaming.

Chilling at the very least.

We huddled in close to the center of the dugout.

The lightning began almost as soon as the rain started.

The storm was angry.


We felt it all.

As the lightning struck we watched in the distance.

Wonderment was the unifying feeling in the dugout.

Just as it felt as if the storm would consume both us and the baseball
diamond on which we were illegally trespassing the sky spoke.


Lightning hit the only known circuitry that was powering Wamsutter

The whole sky lit green.

A beautiful wave of destruction.


Not a single bulb burned save the stars,

the moon,

and the angels (wherever they may be).

The rain didn’t surrender.

The dugout gave in and began to leak in all parts.

We covered our heads and let the night pass.

By morning we were wet,

But rejuvenated with wonder.

I hadn’t felt like that in a long time.

Too long.

Wamsutter Wyoming is calling.

TWO (grow from this or die trying)

We should start this off by saying that in an instant everything

Just like THAT!

We made it to sound check on time in Champaign, IL in late September.

The crowd was humble but kind.

We stayed at a couchsurfer’s house.

Their dog would not STOP biting.

It was bound to be a bad night of sleep.

We had a radio show in Ann Arbor, MI in the morning.

We had our alarm set for 5am.

Ring, Ring.

We were up, in the van, and started out of Champaign.

We pulled on to the freeway when a burst of bright yellow light came
from the back right side of the van.

We were sure that it was an officer pulling us over.

As we were pulling to the side of the road we saw in the rearview
mirror that the burst of light was most definitely not an officer but
rather a fire that was rapidly consuming the right rear wheel well.

No one had a clue of what action to take to save the van.

All that was going through the mind was FIRE.

We ran into the field afraid that the van was to blow up and leave our
belongings in flames.

I can’t describe the fear.

Just as soon as we had made it to the field for safety we noticed a
McDonalds diesel behind us.

The man behind the wheel was already running towards the van full speed.

Fire extinguisher in hand.

He dove beneath the van and within 30 seconds put the flames to sleep.

He was heroic,



Just as fast as he had appeared the man behind the wheel was gone.

He ran back to his diesel and pulled right back onto the freeway.

We were astounded,



Oh lordy, lordy. It was incredible.

My description is mediocre at best.


We played in Baltimore, MD last night.

We met the kindest, most warmhearted people after the show.

They invited us to their home for Pumpkin Pancakes and Chai Tea.

We could NEVER resist.

Nor should we.

We ate and drank through the night.

It was one for the books.

We just need more experiences.

Please don’t hesitate any longer.

To the moon!