Joshua James Tour Diary - Tokyo/Baton Rouge - 11/19/09

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Joshua James Tour Diary - Tokyo/Baton Rouge - 11/19/09


Every time that I get on a plane I accept the fact that I might die.
I say to myself “this might be the day that you die”.
And then I board the plane.

This was the case when leaving for Japan.
We had driven all night to make it to Boston,
Which is where our flight was leaving for Tokyo.
Early morning.
We boarded the plane and strapped ourselves into
The largest plane I had ever had the pleasure of being in.
But it was terribly frightening at the same time.
Hundreds of people flying over the Pacific ocean, just accepting the fact
That today just might be the day that the oversized hunk of metal that we
Were trusting our lives with might just decide to give out and plunge into the ocean.
But…it didn’t happen.
Thank goodness.
We arrived, unharmed.
TOKYO was amazing.
The first show we did was at the foot of Mt. Fuji. It was a festival called
Asigiri Rock. Spirits were high. We were elevated by the enthusiasm of the crowd.
But we don’t speak Japanese. No worries, no need, the loved it anyhow.
We were happy for it.
The guys that put on the festival decided to take us out for dinner.
An experience to remember.
We had to take off our shoes.
I loved that.
We sat down at a table that came to my shins,
Crosslegged, and a bit uncomfortable to be honest.
The food began to arrive.
It started with a small cup of cut up jellyfish.
I was a novice when it came to this dish, but I was delighted to try.
Next was a beef intestine dish mixed with fresh onions.
A fresh pasta came third, followed by one of the best green salads I have ever had.
I didn’t know when the food would stop coming.
Fifth on the nights evergoing meal was raw horse meat.
....raw horse meat!
I was getting nervous, it looked like slabs of clotted blood and cartilage.
But I was in Tokyo, and I didn’t die on the way over, so I had been lucky.
I had to try the horse, it was a must they said!
So I did…not bad, but not my favorite.
Last on the menu was a full plate of sashimi sushi.
For those who have not eaten much sushi, sashimi is INTENSE.
It is full thick slabs of raw fresh water fish with no rice, just fish.
It wasn’t the best note to end on for dinner but it was fine.
The night was over, and we had been in Tokyo for three days.
Two days left.
We walked through the amazingly electric streets of downtown.
Tokyo made NYC look like Lincoln, Nebraska.
It was incredible how many people there were at all times of the day.
We visited the emperors palace, and all the other “hot spots” that the
Tokyo for dummies recommended to us.
The food was incredible.
The people even more so.
It was a bittersweet feeling leaving Tokyo.
The plane ride went a bit quicker back to Boston.
But we made it.
Blissful and Blessed.
This is truly a dream.
And we are happy to be having it.

Joshua & The Great Northplatte

Baton Rouge

It has been an incredible adventure.
It still is an adventure.
One that has lasted over two months now.
We had an amazing conversation till three in the morning with an amazing woman last night in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and it really got my mind moving.
People still are good.
I find myself focusing on the bad a lot.
But it isn’t.
And I shouldn’t.
Truly we are good creatures.
Truly we are kind (some).
And in one way or another we are all the same.
The tour has gone like this always.
We play music, but it isn’t the music that I enjoy (the most).
But rather the interaction with people.
People that are trying and living and breathing and hurting just like you,
Just like me.
The connection.
The rise and fall of the chest when something has touched you.
The search in the meaning behind the song.
That is the truth to it all.
And that truth we have experienced more times than I can count on this tour.
We have two weeks left and we are home.
Home to go back to “normal” lives.
Home, where not much changes.
Where reaching out, connecting, and living is a curious thing.
But I just hope it all balances itself out.
I am excited to watch my grass grow in American Fork,
And to see old friends.
To see the snow form.
But to connect (with a stranger).
To move someone (a stranger).
To be moved (by a stranger).
There is NOTHING more pleasing.
Never has there been.
To the moon my friends!
We shall forget ourselves.
Today we shall sing more
We shall feel more.
Make love more.
Think more,
Howl at the moon more.
Trust more.
Float on the breeze more.
Yes, that mad man of a breeze that enters our lungs and makes us….
Believe still.

Recreating always!

-Joshua James & The Great Northplatte.