Marc Broussard Tour Diary - Chapter One

Music Features Marc Broussard
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Marc Broussard Tour Diary - Chapter One

We’re backstage at Lopez Tonight and I’ve gotta’ say…I am freaked out! I never get nervous for shows, but for some reason I’m nervous tonight. Maybe it’s because this giant security guard won’t stop staring at me, I don’t know.

Seriously though, I couldn’t be more excited to be here in L.A. and about the album release tomorrow. It’s the perfect place to kick off the tour and the band and I are ready to get back on the road. It’s been a while since my last release, so I’m glad the day is finally here for y’all to hear the new album. I believe that it’s definitely my best one yet.

I’m very excited about expanding the band on this tour. Chic Gamine, one of my support acts, will also be singing background vocals during my set. We just finished sound check for Lopez Tonight and they sound amazing! I’m really looking forward to having them out on the road with us.

After the show we’re going to rehearse for a few more hours and make sure that we’re ready for the album release show tomorrow night at the El Rey. We will have a horn section join in on a few songs tomorrow night, so I can’t wait to hear us all together. It’s a great way to kick off the tour and a great venue to have the album release.

Make sure that you check out the website for the full listing of our upcoming tour dates. We will be all over the country until October 8th, so I’d love to see y’all out at the shows and play some of the new tunes for you!

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We’ll be heading up the California coast, as well as doing a video shoot at the end of this week, so stayed tuned for more updates and photos. See you soon!

—Marc B.