SXSW: Despite all my rage, I am still just a blogger in a cage

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I’m at our first day party at Volume and I’m taking advantage of one of the two BLOGGER CAGES! Paste’s WebWarrior Austin L. Ray is across the room in the other one. It’s like a blogger cage match or something. Destroyer, Nada Surf and My Brightest Diamond already played-- all awesome-- and Colour Revolt just took the stage. Earlier I opened and labeled 100 disposable digital Kodak Cameras and came away with nary a papercut. Hopefully the folks we gave those out to will take some great photos and email them to us later so we can post them up. I’m wondering how many photos of drunk peoples’ butts we’re gonna get, though. Hmmm.

Okay, Colour Revolt just officially started rocking, so I’ve got to go. Guess Austin wins this cage match, as he’s still blogging away over there.