Sasquatch 2008: Day 1

Music Features Sasquatch
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I'm going to be posting photos and blurbs of my experience in Washington this Memorial Day Weekend. Enjoy... 1KathleenEdwards.jpg

Kathleen Edwards  rocked with an immaculate band, spitting bile at the sun, particularly on set closer "The Cheapest Key." Edwards sang "B is for bullshit and you fed me some," but I'd argue that "B" is actually for "badass." She is just that.

9CarlNewmanDanBejar.jpg The New Pornographers  are probably the only band that can challenge Broken Social Scene for all out supremacy and prolificacy. Shortly after Destroyer's set, the Pornos kicked it off on the main stage. Bejar would eventually join his comrades for a pop-perfect set.

14ModestMouse.jpgIt's times like these where you realize Modest Mouse has come a long way. No longer is the band made up of a ragtag bunch of dudes playing to half-filled clubs around the U.S. Rather, Modest Mouse is now an ultra-tight seasoned rock outfit with the ability to completely fill a massive outdoor venue (itself completely filled with crowd surfers screaming along to every word) with its sound, one that features horns, banjo and an experienced guitarist (Johnny Marr) who preens for the cameras in a way only a former Smith could. And good on them for it, too. One can only wonder what's next for the band.

20REM.jpgagain: Michael Stipe is one of the most intriguing frontmen alive.

appropriately and members of the New Pornographers watched in the wings. 

For the uninitiated, Sasquatch is made up of three stages: the quaint Yeti! stage, the larger (with larger valley audience space) Wookie! stage and the massive Sasquatch! stage with gigantic fan space. There is a reason they call this place The Gorge. The beauty of the view throughout these grounds is topped only by the cavernous amphitheatre area for sitting and standing in front of the Sasquatch! stage. It's breathtaking.