Lollapalooza 2008 round-up

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1Lollapalooza_Bang_Camaro.jpg Above: Bang Camaro

Another Lollapalooza weekend has come and gone and music fans of all stripes left happy (unless, of course, they were fans of the Weakerthans, who had to cancel as a result of travel problems). Despite a record attendance of 225,000 fans, festivities and rock went on seamlessy under sun-filled skies each day. The festival's organizers outdid themselves this year with opening acts, starting the weekend out with a bang. Bang Camaro, that is. Other rising stars followed suit on days two and three with the Ting Tings belting out their infectious pop tunes (we overheard Love and Rockets' Daniel Ash mentioning that they were the only reason he was at Lollapalooza) while Austin's Octopus Project wowed us with a 500 balloon salutes and Yvonne Lambert's mesmerizing theremin skills.

2Lollapalooza_Go_Team.jpg Above: The Go! Team

4Lollapalooza_Holy_Fuck.jpg Above: Holy Fuck

5Lollapalooza_Jeff_Tweedy.jpg Above: Jeff Tweedy

6Lollapalooza_Mates_of_State.jpg Above: Mates of State

7Lollapalooza_Perry_Farrell.jpg Above: Perry Farrell

Aside from the by-now expected brilliance from headliners such as Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Kanye West, standouts in this year's line-up included São Paulo's Cansei de Ser Sexy (whose lead singer, known as Lovefoxxx, reminds us of a younger and post-punk Björk), as well as the energetic leaps, kicks, spins and cheerleader-like poses of England's The Go! Team.

1Lollapalooza_Dr_Dog.jpgAbove: Dr. Dog

2Lollapalooza_Love_and_Rockets.jpgAbove: Love and Rockets

3Lollapalooza_Sharon_Jones.jpgAbove: Sharon Jones

4Lollapalooza_Ting_Tings.jpgAbove: The Ting Tings

5Lollalapalooza_Wilco.jpgAbove: Wilco

Fans of the wayback machine were treated to Love and Rockets, who made their third and final scheduled performance since their break-up in 1999 as well as the not-so-secret special appearance of Slash at the Kidzapalooza stage. The top-hatted guitarist and Perry Farrell performed a cover version of Guns N' Roses' cover version of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," as well as Jane's Addiction classics "Mountain Song" and "Jane Says," accompanied by members of the School of Rock All-Stars. They were followed up by a full band set from the All-Stars with a performance of "Three Days" to which Mr. Farrell thoroughly rocked-out off-stage. Fitting, considering Lollapalooza's three days arguably comprised the summer's finest American music festival.