SXSW 2009: Those Darlins are Ladies in Red

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Darlins.jpg Those Darlins ' Kelley, Jessi and Nikki Darlin are sisters, but by different mothers. Not only can the sassy country gals harmonize like the Carter Family and anticipate each others' thoughts, but they're completely at home scooping up sweet potatoes, spinach and deep-fried okra from the same plate. During a meal at Stubb's Bar-B-Q, they controlled the urge to scarf down a hapless barbecued chicken on the table -- flying in the face of the drunken, poultry crazed image they cultivate with "The Whole Damn Thing." For the Darlins, who reside in Murfreesboro, Tenn., image also comes from carefully planned costuming, and they sure made an entrance with their matching red attire.

"We all live together in the same house," Kelley says. "We'll go through the wardrobe and start cutting things up. We're basically having slumber parties and playing dress-up like we're 12." Before Wednesday's rollicking Club DeVille show, filled with material from their Wild One EP and full-length coming out this summer, the gals discussed their overflowing closet of matching threads -- a must to stand out in Austin.

Kelleyoutfit, as long as it looks good as a whole. When we walk together, we hear people say: "those are Those Darlins!"
Jessi: Our manager liked the red too. Just like blood, man.
Kelleyeventually want a Wonder Woman superhero outfit or a mermaid. Jessi looks good in a cape.
Jessi: I've got a lot of feathers and a full headdress.
Nikki: I want to be dressed in furs and boas.
Kelley: If it's dead, she'll wear it.