True/False Film Festival Wrap-Up

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True-False 2009

The thing about movies is that they keep making more of them. And the thing about festivals is that there's always another one around the corner. So before we kick off Paste's adventures through South by Southwest in Austin, I'd be remiss if I didn't let you know how the True/False festival in Columbia turned out.

True/False annually screens nonfiction films in the center of the country, and the event has such a convivial atmosphere that it lends an agreeable aura to the movies on display, even the ones that might not generate much of a glow on their own. Like other festivals in the past year, the offerings were almost uniformly passable but the gems were in short supply.

Still, there were a few films that I'm very eager to see again. My favorite new films of the fest were probably O'er the Land, the secret film about kids in Brazil, and the secret film about prison rodeos, even though that last one is a more mainstream film than the other two and is almost as big a spectacle as the event it critiques.

[NOTE: True/False has the somewhat coy practice of presenting "secret" screenings whose titles and directors are withheld so as not to preempt the film's official premiere at a larger festival. I'll avoid naming names here, but resourceful Googlers can figure them out. Or send me a direct message on Twitter, and I'll probably spill the beans.]

Pre-fest observations were here. Post-fest observations follow, starting with my faves: