NXNE 2010: Difficult Decisions

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NXNE 2010: Difficult Decisions

Life is full of tough decisions: Should the United Nations cease humanitarian aid in North Korea because of their leader’s refusal to cooperate in nuclear weapons negotiations? Should someone take a job far away from their family and friends, or stick with a position in a place that offers no promises of future career success? Tonight at NXNE, I have my own tough call to make. Should I see Neon Factory or Neon Windbreaker at 8 p.m.?

As I scanned the schedule for this evening’s shows, I noticed that both bands were playing at the same time at different venues in Toronto. Being the highly-respected music journalist that I am, I immediately began to weigh the merits of both bands. I decided the band name Neon Windbreaker sounded considerably cooler than Neon Factory. However, upon further consideration, I realized that it is quite likely that if there were actually a neon windbreaker, it would likely have come from a neon factory. To follow that logic, that would mean no matter how cool the windbreaker, it is really the factory that deserves the credit.