Little Rock Film Festival 2011: Part Two

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Rounding out my coverage of LRFF 2011 are a couple of documentaries with outside-the-mainstream looks at religion, plus a glance back at two entirely different kind of southern films, and a sprinkling of interesting shorts.


I had heard the news stories about Warren Jeffs, the self-proclaimed prophet and leader of a fundamentalist Mormon church in the Utah desert who was arrested for arranging marriages between men and underage girls. But this engrossing and disturbing film shows the affect his cult-like compound has had on the children who have managed to "escape" into the outside world. What these teenagers lack in education is at times comical (never having heard the song Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer) but then tragically sad (confusing Bill Clinton with Adolf Hitler). We also hear from adults who have been forced out of the church for not complying with Jeffs' rules. For girls, however, the problem isn't being kicked out but finding a way to get out when, for example, they are subjected to being one of a dozen wives to one man, some girls as young as 14. The filmmakers spent a few years on their interviews which gives some proper perspective on the kids' up and down progress.

wrestlingforjesus.jpg WRESTLING FOR JESUS

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